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Art: We are socially engaged artists, using a therapeutic, research-informed approach to our practice. We encourage people to be playful, creative and curious in exploring issues affecting them and their local environment.


Hospitality: We offer food as an integral part of our events, helping to tackle food insecurity and social isolation in a non stigmatising way. By meeting one of Maslow's physiological needs for food, we hope to enable people to harness a sense of belonging and to pursue personal creative exploration.

Methodology: We work relationally with people and place. Participatory Action Research and case study. We are research informed and our methods are underpinned by the following theories : Attachment, Ecological Systems Theory. 

Sustainability: Our work is place-based and environmentally conscious and we use materials that are reused, recycled and repurposed as far as possible. We partner with local food charities to divert surplus food from going to landfill. Our sustainability principles go beyond the environmental, and we aim for our events to build community resilience, and to offer skills and learning opportunities which we hope, in the long run, will positively impact economic wellbeing. We are local residents and are committed to long term projects that build legacy.

Community: Our relational approach is people-based and place-based. We offer an open invitation to participate in co-creating community action. We provide a listening forum, empowering people to articulate their views, experiences and needs.



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